Diy monitor stand

Diy monitor stand

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diy monitor stand

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DIY Computer Desk Ideas

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$9 DIY Computer Monitor Riser Stand

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Learn more about Amazon Prime.Part of my problem, besides stockpiling snacks everywhere, is paper. I have books, course manuals, receipts, and a million notes that get shoved here and there and create this disaster. See how I blamed the receipts, like they were alive. It all makes sense now why some of my friends decided to look into sites like www.

diy monitor stand

They said it has made a big difference so far, so I might consider it soon enough. I have decided to not sit down for as long as I am at the moment as well as stop by bad posture. At the moment I have been sitting down for fewer things and now, thanks to my stand, my posture is improving too.

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I decided I needed something to help corral all the paperwork and lift my monitor and so I came up with these plans based on some different monitor stands available for sale.

I also upped the ante by creating cups along the side to house pens, pencils, and USB cords you can see in photo 1 that I have a few dangling. My course manuals, notepads and papers are neat and organized without being spread across the desk surface. This easy scrapwood DIY monitor stand has just created vertical space for storage, saved my posture from hunchback status and organized my workspace to be efficient and easy to find things.

Whip out a DIY monitor stand in 20 minutes not including dry time and get your desk, and brain, organized. Follow along at the link and build your own monitor […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Previous Next. View Larger Image. Why buy when you can make right?! In hindsight, pocket holes might not have been the best bet on a mirrored desk. Lol But look how clean and crisp this looks — with its cute blue cubbies.

Have a great one! Linked to: Between Naps on the Porch Related posts:. Classic Kids Wagon. Tire Project - treehouse seating. Garden Bench Makeover. Build Your Own Ottoman Tray. DIY Plant Stands. Boring brown to bright white nightstands. Cement Pears. Share with your friends: Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window More Click to print Opens in new window.

Like this: Like Loading Shelly Things2Do. Related Posts. Creativity Unleashed No. March 18, at pm - Reply.I never knew that I needed a computer monitor stand until I saw one. I love to organize and sometimes I reorganize spaces multiple times as I see a better way to manage the space.

This project is one of my favorites because it still provides extra space and efficiency everyday. I also shared some office DIY projects, such as making a printer paper storage box. I love The Container Store and have used many of their products in outfitting my office with shelf storage and office supplies.

My inspiration for the computer monitor stand was this one shown on The Container Store website. I loved that it raised the computer monitor up several inches and provided space underneath and on the stand for small office supplies. I love all the office supplies from Poppin, especially my stapler and scotch tape dispenser. When I saw the monitor on the website, I saved the picture and I thought about it for about a week before deciding I definitely wanted one.

I check what scrap wood I had. I decided that that piece would work just fine. I used one of those pieces to make the 2 support pieces. Now I had my 3 pieces.

Make an Easy DIY Monitor Stand

I did sand the edges of all the pieces just to make sure there were no rough spots. I still had almost a whole jar of Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint in Drama Queen left from my printer paper box project and it was the perfect color for the computer monitor stand. I would be painting inside on my kitchen island I wanted to watch some the Australian Open tennis matches while I painted. One Step Paint has amazing coverage. One coat completely covered the wood, no primer or wood sealer required.

I would use 2 on each end. It was at this point I realized I should have painted the other sides of the boards before attaching them. Because the wood at the corners had a tiny gap, I used some caulk to fill in, knowing that I could go back and touch up the paint.

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When the caulk was dry, I touched up the outside of the monitor stand with paint. In under 2 hours, the monitor stand was finished. On the top I had room for more clips, rubber ties and a notepad. I now had space where the 4 bowls had been for 3 Dollar Tree containers which had been in a drawer.

I love the added display and storage space this computer monitor stand gives me. And another pop of color is a good thing too. Just a couple of hours of fun DIY work.

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I hope that showing you how to make a computer monitor stand has inspired you to add a bit of pretty and practical to your office space. Please be sure to PIN this project.

Love the color! I found a really cute white lamp at HG with brass accents! It would look good in your space.Instead of buying a speaker stand from a store, you can build one by yourself. Other than that, these ideas will help you save some money, too! Here are they! If you have a stereo speaker, you might want to make a separated stand for each of them. If so, this DIY wooden speaker stand could be the answer.

This is a simple idea of a twin speaker. This is best used for a stereo speaker that requires a pair of stands. This DIY speaker stand is completely made of wood. The height difference will affect the sound quality. How do you know the perfect height for listening, though?

Then, make this modern multifunctional DIY speaker stand idea. One side is left open on purpose. The smaller the dimension, the more it becomes unstable while holding the speakers, so you have to be careful with the measurement.

There are a thousand of ways to be creative and different. This example is using a cinder block and two wooden boards for each end that have been painted in black. Actually, the number of cinder blocks used depends on how tall you want this DIY speaker to stand to.

Well, as you see, metal pipe is a great answer. People use metal pipes as stand also intend to make a way for electrical wires. A heavy speaker needs a sturdy stand. The framework for this metal pipe speaker stand is called T-joint because the shape resembles the letter T.

Moreover, you can see the length and the width of the joint. This room seems to apply a simple, industrial theme. The stand is made of black metal pipes with silver rings, while the seat is designed from wood with a dark color. The height of this DIY speaker stand can be adjusted based on your need. For a bigger speaker, you may need a short stand.

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This example shows a natural wooden crate used as a speaker stand. For example, matching with dominant color used inside the room. Make sure the stand is placed near circuits. To create a stand for surround sound speakers, you need some straightened woods and some wooden boards.

Those are the basic materials. The complementary stuff includes wood glue, nails and other necessary tools.

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Basically, the boards go on the top and the bottom parts. Placing speaker stands on the floor will, undoubtedly, take some space. To solve the issue, you can choose to hang the speakers instead.

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The frame and the stand are united by joining them together using screws. Sometimes, the speakers have to be put on certain level to make the sound quality better. This idea shows you how to DIY speaker stand made from metal pipes.So I wanted to build something, that can be useful for everyone at home, but at the same time is not too hard to rebuild and does not require special and expensive tools.

It will add some natural touch to your desk and it has a perfectly integrated USB 3 Hub. In this Instructable I want to give you a specific idea how your monitor stand could look like, and discuss some ideas how you could simplify, or even improve it for your own personal needs. I have spent many hours to create an atmospheric videothat will guide you through the main steps of the building process and hopefully will be some inspiration.

Optionally: a thin aluminium plate and a few small screws to cover your USB Hub afterwards. Saw your Board down to the required length and width. The dimensions of your Keyboard indicate the required total length. Make sure, that you leave some space for your fingerson both sides, to be able to pull out your keyboard.

And decicde the total hight of your laptopstand. I recommend to create it as flat as your Keyboard allows it, but keep in mind, that you will need a mm more for the aluminum plate screwed on the bottom.

Now lay your USB 3 Hub on the required position and mark the outer shape. You will now have to carve out the space for the USB Hub. You will have to work with a chisel, which requires a some skills otherwise check out Step 10 "Alternatives and Upgrades" First create a mm deep vertical cut with the Chisel all around the edges and then start to pound out one mm thick pieces of wood.

Allways make sure, that your horizontal cut is just as deep as your vertical cut was before, to get a smooth result. Carving out Wood with a chisel is much easier than you would expect it to be.

If you have absolutely no experience, practice a little bit with some remaining rest wood. Make sure your USB Hub fits perfectly into your board and create a line for the Hubs cable, by drilling a horizontal hole into your board and sawing out the top Layer of wood.

Its kinda hard to get your USB Hub perfectly integrated into your board, while at the same time being able to exchange it, if it is broken. One thing, I want you to keep in mind: These USB Hubs are electronical devices, which means they will break with time.

DIY - Wooden Monitor Stand

So maybe in a year or two it will break and all your effort in making this a "smart" Monitor stand is wasted. So smooth out the edges on both board parts to be able to slide the Hub in and out.

It will cost some extra time, but keep in mind, that you will be able to have fun with a working product much longer. Start by drawing down the desired pattern of the wooden joint and mark the peaces, you want to saw off. Have a look at the pictures to get some ideas how your pattern of a wooden joint could look like.

Take a thin saw to saw out the individual parts. It is very imortant to work as precise as possible becouse rough mistakes will be noticable afterwards smaller gaps can be filled with a mix of wood dust and wood glue. When you have sawed and carved out the pattern of both sides stick them together to check, where you have to make some more adjustments.


Now mix some wood dust with wood glue and fill every tiny gap of your wooden joint. Give it agian a few hours to dry out, before you sand it finally completely down until you got a nice flat surface. As soon as I know a project is going to work out satisfying in function and design, I like to put my logo on it.

It will give your projects your own visual seal of quality.I always dreamed of having a Multi-Monitor Setup. I was not able to afford one. After some savings I bought two monitors.

It's kindof messy when you place them on the table. I don't want them to be wall mounted also. Monitors Mounts with added features like two axis movement are as costlier as Monitors in the country where I live. Basic models are not available. Hence I thought I should make one on my own. I didn't expect it to look nice. I just explained how I made mine. Before that! If you think my make is some kindof good. Do vote for me. Click on the top right "Vote" Tab :P. Just to make sure the stability.

Paint them with the colour you want. Very nice, love the simplicity of it, much better than an expensive piece of mass produced junk. Good job! I was very impressed and voted for you after I saw it. I love repurposing things, absolutely love it. Good project I like how you did it. It is neat and well done. How did you install the brackets on the back of the monitors as in picture three?

Reply 4 years ago. Sorry i couldn't display it it picture. I won't do this in my future instructable :. By crakensio A blog about an addict Follow. More by the author:. About: Visit my blog you can know more about me there!

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diy monitor stand

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