Search for cp violation using t

Search for cp violation using t

The data sample corresponds to integrated luminosities of 1. Searches for CP violation in different regions of phase space of the four-body decay, and as a function of the D 0 decay time, are also presented. No significant deviation from the CP conservation hypothesis is found. Download to read the full article text. Bianco, F. Fabbri, D. Benson and I. Bigi, A Cicerone for the physics of charmRiv. Nuovo Cim. Google Scholar. Grossman, A. Kagan and Y.

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The unknown origin of the matter—antimatter asymmetry observed in the universe looms large in the scientific imagination. Boris Kayser explains how neutrino physicists are now closing in on a crucial piece of evidence in this most convoluted of detective stories. Luckily for us, there is presently almost no antimatter in the universe. This makes it possible for us — made of matter — to live without being annihilated in matter—antimatter encounters.

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However, cosmology tells us that just after the cosmic Big Bang, the universe contained equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Obviously, for the universe to have evolved from that early state to the present one, which contains quite unequal amounts of matter and antimatter, the two must behave differently.

CP Violation

That is, there must be physical systems whose behaviour changes if we replace every particle by its antiparticle, and interchange left and right. InCronin, Fitch and colleagues discovered that CP is indeed violated, in the decays of neutral kaons to pions — a phenomenon that later became understood in terms of the behaviour of quarks.

The observations of CP violation in B beauty meson decays have been particularly illuminating. Everything we know about quark CP violation is consistent with the hypothesis that this violation arises from a single complex phase in the quark mixing matrix.

This matrix gives the amplitude for any particular negatively-charged quark, whether down, strange or bottom, to convert via a weak interaction into any particular positively-charged quark, be it up, charm or top. This is impressively demonstrated by a plot of all the experimental constraints on these two parameters figure 1. All the constraints intersect at a common point. Having observed CP violation among quarks in numerous laboratory experiments of today, we might be tempted to think that we understand how CP violation in the early universe could have changed the world from one with equal quantities of matter and antimatter to one in which matter dominates very heavily over antimatter.

However, scenarios that tie early-universe CP violation to that seen among the quarks today, and do not add new physics to the Standard Model of the elementary particles, yield too small a present-day matter—antimatter asymmetry. This leads one to wonder whether early-universe CP violation involving leptons, rather than quarks, might have led to the present dominance of matter over antimatter.

This possibility is envisaged by leptogenesis, a scenario in which heavy neutral leptons that were their own antiparticles lived briefly in the early universe, but then underwent CP-asymmetric decays, creating a world with unequal numbers of particles and antiparticles.

Leptogenesis can successfully account for the observed size of the present matter—antimatter asymmetry. In the straightforward version of this picture, the heavy neutral leptons are too massive to be observable at the LHC or any foreseen collider. However, since leptogenesis requires leptonic CP violation, observing this violation in the behaviour of the currently observed leptons would make it more plausible that leptogenesis was indeed the mechanism through which the present matter—antimatter asymmetry of the universe arose.

Needless to say, observing leptonic CP violation would also reveal that the breaking of CP symmetry, which before one might have imagined to be an unbroken, fundamental symmetry of nature, is not something special to the quarks, but is participated in by all the constituents of matter. To find out if leptons violate CP, we are searching for what is traditionally described as a difference between the behaviour of neutrinos and that of antineutrinos.

This description is fine if neutrinos are Dirac particles — that is, particles that are distinct from their antiparticles. However, many theorists strongly suspect that neutrinos are actually Majorana particles — that is, particles that are identical to their antiparticles. In that case, the traditional description of the search for leptonic CP violation is clearly inapplicable, since then the neutrinos and the antineutrinos are the same objects.

However, the actual experimental approach that is being pursued is a perfectly valid probe of leptonic CP violation regardless of whether neutrinos are of Dirac or of Majorana character.

In fact, this approach is completely insensitive to which of these two possibilities nature has chosen. The pursuit of leptonic CP violation is based on comparing the rates for two CP mirror-image processes figure 2.

Since the neutrino was born together with a muon, but produced an electron in the detector, and the probability for this to have happened oscillates as a function of the distance the neutrino travels divided by its energy, the process is commonly referred to as muon—neutrino to electron—neutrino oscillation. Leptogenesis can account for the matter—antimatter asymmetry. In process B, the initial and final states are the same as in process A, but with every particle replaced by its antiparticle.Both individuals and organizations that work with arXivLabs have embraced and accepted our values of openness, community, excellence, and user data privacy.

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search for cp violation using t

High Energy Physics - Experiment. Authors: LHCb collaboration : R. AaijB. AdevaM. AdinolfiA. AffolderZ. AjaltouniS. AkarJ. AlbrechtF. AlessioM. AlexanderS. AliG. AlkhazovP. Alvarez CartelleA.

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Alves JrS. AmatoS. AmerioY. AmhisL. AnderliniJ. AndersonR. AndreassenM. AndreottiJ. AndrewsR.

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ApplebyO. Aquines GutierrezF.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Ellen Martin. Jared D Smith. Myron Smith. Lucio Anderlini. Dick Arnold. Gregory Dietl. Le Diberder. Denice Wardrop. Sophie Richards. Albert Comerma-montells. Adriano Lai. Victor Albor. Thomas Bird. Wen Zhang. Louis Henry. Haiting Lu. Michael Alexander.

search for cp violation using t

Peter Griffith. James McCarthy. Samuel Hall. Liming Zhang. Yanxi Zhang. Josue Rodriguez. Alberto Reis. Scott Stevenson. Carlos Sierra.We search for CP violation in a sample of 4. August 19, It has been viewed 12 times.

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search for cp violation using t

Description We search for CP violation in a sample of 4. Physical Description 7 pages. Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this article or its content. Authors del Amo Sanchez, P. Lees, J. Poireau, V. Prencipe, E. Tisserand, V.I am generally accustomed to making my own travel arrangements via the internet, but due to time constraints I decided to choose a travel agent to take care of things for me.

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search for cp violation using t

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